The Trials and Misery of being a Pizza Boy.

Ha Look! Its Bush! That’s so Topical!

If you’ve ever worked a job in the service industry you quickly/almost immediately realize that the excuses for human beings that use the service you provide probably don’t deserve the same air you breathe. Am I being unnecessarily cruel? I feel I am. But the point still stands. For a period of my life, a period that is now over, I was the lowest rung on the ladder of socioeconomic misery. I was the young inexperienced lad at the enormous oiled up  roman orgy of minimum wage employment, I was a Pizza Boy. The title so degrading they cant even make you sound like an adult. Bin “Man” Post “Man” Ice cream “Man” Charles “Man”son. So gather around my children, and listen to me share some handy tips, expense advice, tell some stories, and generally bitch and moan about being a Pizza Boy.

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Fuck You

Tonight is the night I write a reflection on what I believe may be the worst year of my life; the worst may be still yet to come though. I’ve come to realise that the reason that this year has been so profoundly awful is me. I hate me. I’m whiny, annoying, petty, cynical, derogatory, lazy and generally apathetic as well as careless. I’ve constantly kept myself down and sold me down the river. For twelve months I’ve been looking for other things to blame; institutions, places and people. But it’s me it was always me and my problems will always find their routes back to me. My whole life I have been scared to take the leap and change things for me. You may not realise it yet but you are probably your own worst enemy as well, your own Bane to a Batman which once you take off the mask turns out to be you as well. You might try to say to me “Louis you could never understand how I really feel you’re not me” but think maybe you’re not special and different.

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The Sequel we Deserve

Due to its phenomenal success, I think it’s owed Imagea review. So I am going to give my say on the comic film of the summer (no offense Spidey, but compared to this, you just didn’t cut it.) If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the closing chapter of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. This film series has, in my opinion, revolutionised the comic book film industry by stripping away the campiness and fetishy styles that Schumacher and Burton put in front of us twenty years ago, and given us something so raw and rough that we can actually believe it. I mean no disrespect or ill regard to their four films, because I love them all separately for many different reasons, but this was something different.

This recent film really appealed to me as both a film fan and a comic book fan. It gave nods to the comics that none of the other films had really done before and had more weight to it than any of these recent “serious” takes on comics has had. The characterisation of the bat in this final flick was the best of the trilogy, as I did not find myself resenting him in anyway. In the Dark Knight I found him smug and whiney and in Batman Begins I thought he could sometimes come across as arrogant and stiff. The point being that Bale really found his feet as Bruce and the bat and which lead to some good character development. Finally.
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Hard Games Create Dark Souls

For all the inhospitably dangerous scenarios that are provided, it must be said that modern gaming (for the most part, at least) is just too easy. Far too frequently I have been running in the middle of a warzone, being punctured by bullets, and not even realise because I’m staring with awe at the textures on a nearby wall.
It was then, with a certain level of excitement and fear, I took my first light-footed steps into the world of Dark Souls.

As I own an Xbox 360, I missed the Playstaion 3 exclusive Daemon’s Souls. I remember briefly watching a friend play it, knowing nothing about its infamousness, during which he ascended a staircase before being instantly crushed by a boulder.
He sighed for a second whilst rubbing his eyes. I silently sat staring at the screen for a few moments rather dumbfounded.
“How the hell are you supposed to avoid that?” I exclaimed. To which his response was simply a weak and resentful “You can’t.”

Challenge accepted.
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Newton Faulkner Interview

Recordings on a boat? Bohemian Rhapsody on an acoustic guitar? Endless tweets to Katy Perry? It can only mean that the rust red dreadlocked singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner is back. Never without smile, and a down to earth, friendly and relaxed demeanour, I talked to Newton prior to his gig at the o2 academy 2 in Birmingham about his new album.

So your upcoming album is called ‘Write it on Your Skin’, and it’s coming out July 9th. What can we expect?

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The Power of Revenge

About a week ago I noticed a video in my YouTube suggestions, ‘Prototype 2: The Power of Revenge Trailer’. I hadn’t paid much attention to the game since its announcement; nothing about it particularly interested me. However, the title for the trailer got my attention, so I decided to take a look.

Sgt. James Heller stands at the edge of a skyscraper; eyes staring down, his body rigid and determined as Johnny Cash’s Hurt punctuates the silence. Soon to embrace the ground below, James raises his arms as he lets his body succumb to gravity. While he falls, his body is dwarfed by the skyscrapers surrounding him, bellowing smoke – something has gone wrong.

In his hand, James holds a photo of his wife and daughter before letting it go – his family is gone, dead. ‘Everyone I know goes away in the end.
Left alone in a ruined city, with nothing left to live for; the decision to fall becomes clear.
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